Flare and FlareDashboard join forces to enhance data transparency

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Flare has partnered with FlareDashboard, a community-managed database and dashboard providing data insights on Flare and Songbird infrastructure providers, enabling users to make informed decisions, per a press release on July 14.
 Flare and FlareDashboard partner
Flare aims to enhance transparency in its ecosystem by gaining valuable insights into the independent network infrastructure contributors who support its decentralized operations.
Public platforms like Flare depend on a community of developers and other supporters. This compliance is part of the blockchain’s underlining principles of community and openness.

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Initially, Flare will prioritize data providers for Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which offers decentralized price feed data to the network. The collaboration will gradually expand to include all infrastructure participants, validators, and State Connector attestation providers. 
Flare hopes to empower network participants by consolidating significant data such as team information, know-your-customer (KYC) compliance, operational history, data safeguards, technology setup, and network addresses. This establishes a foundation for a more transparent system.
Hugo Philion, co-founder and CEO of Flare Network, stated that FlareDashboard provides transparency for ecosystem contributors, enabling data-driven decision-making.
This data set will be publicly accessible to network participants. In light of this, Ash W, the CEO and co-founder of FlareDashboard, said:

 “We have been actively supporting the Flare and Songbird ecosystem since their inception, and we are proud to build FlareDashboard. Our objective is to facilitate the exchange and validation of valuable information the network’s infrastructure providers provide. Ecosystem participants can use this information when delegating to support infrastructure teams that bring added value to the ecosystem.”

Enhancing transparency and fostering development
The collaboration will increase transparency and accountability within the network, which is crucial for the project’s long-term success. The partnership is also at the back of other development within the broader Flare ecosystem. 

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