Aptos, Microsoft partner to fuse AI with blockchain

Brazil names its controversial CBDC ‘DREX’
FTX founder to face charges over illegal campaign finance scheme
Brazil names its controversial CBDC ‘DREX’
FTX founder to face charges over illegal campaign finance scheme

Aptos Labs has partnered with Microsoft to integrate AI capabilities with blockchain technology, per an announcement on Aug. 9. 
The Aptos Assistant, developed by Aptos Labs in collaboration with Microsoft, provides users and developers with valuable insights and analytical data on the Aptos environment.

Today, we’re making Aptos history.@AptosLabs is partnering with @Microsoft to unlock Web3 on the @Aptos_Network.As an @msPartner, our joint suite of AI-supported tools will offer developers and users around the world effortless access to Web3. (1/6) pic.twitter.com/zWsrVWhSql— Aptos Labs (@AptosLabs) August 9, 2023

The partnership will involve Aptos Labs establishing validator nodes on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. These nodes are vital in supporting the blockchain and enabling transaction processes.
Further enriching the collaboration, GitHub, a Microsoft-owned code repository, will integrate Aptos’s programming language, “Move,” into Copilot. This AI system aids developers by automatically completing code segments. 

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Microsoft plans to engage Aptos Labs in discussions with prominent financial institutions interested in creating blockchain-powered applications on Azure. 
Rashmi Misra, a Microsoft executive, stressed the importance of this partnership, highlighting the intersection of AI and blockchain as a compelling area. She underscored their shared goal of making blockchain more accessible to a broader range of users.

Contextually, while AI startups witnessed an impressive fundraising feat of nearly $25 billion in early 2023, their crypto counterparts garnered around $3.6 billion. 
Despite this disparity, Mo Shaikh, Aptos Labs’ co-founder, and CEO, perceives AI and crypto as complementary, not competitive. 
Shaikh pointed out the potential of blockchain to offer genuine, authenticated information, unlike large AI models, which might ingest information of questionable veracity. He posits that AI when sourcing data from blockchain, could drastically reduce instances of “hallucinations” or inaccuracies.
The actual implications of such integrations remain to be fully realized. However, Shaikh alludes to a deeper, shared vision with Microsoft—a vision not merely oriented around the AI hype but one rooted in intricate integration and collaborative development.

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